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Servus and welcome to my website!

“I am” - without boxes, without labels, just “I am”, but it took me a while to get there.

I was born into three cultures (Dad German, Mother Chinese-Ecuadorian) and struggled for a long time with my identity until it got so bad, that I broke into a depression. I had to admit to myself, that I didn´t know who I was, because all my life I had tried so hard to fit in. Not only in the nationalities my parents gave me at birth, but also in the places we went to live throughout my whole life (born in Ecuador, lived in Germany until 12, then Nicaragua and Costa Rica until I was 18, before going back to Germany). And after that, I tried to fit in a normal life. A job, a good place to live and good friends.

But something was missing, but I needed my depression to finally start on my path to find myself. Who I really was. This adventure took me into a search from within. So I started learning about those things that are not shown to the eyes, or cannot (yet) be explained by normal science. I started learning shamanism and different kinds of energy work. And all of them telling me, my path is a spiritual one, but somehow I didn´t understand. I was so stuck in my own thoughts and old believes. Finding myself in the role of the victim to my circumstances. Until one day, the hawaiian philosophy came into my life. And reading about it made my heart ache even more, because I felt like that was my soul's essence, but somehow I was not living it. So my adventure went on deep into hawaiian healing techniques of lomi lomi. Learning it in Germany and later also in Hawaii.

And then I understood, it was not a technique that I had to learn, but the language of my soul. Working through my ancestral patterns I realized that not only could my ancestors show me the patterns, that were wrong within me, but also there was a power in all the gifts that they had given me.

My curiosity for life from my grandmother, my spiritual side from her grandmother. The power of words and intuitive talking from my dad and my mothers ability to create things when there is almost nothing. I finally started to come into my power.

Realizing we are all starseeds and spiritual beings only here to experience ourselves in a human body. Here to overcome all the boxes and labels we put on ourselves while growing up and become the creators of wonderful lives.

Now I am, or at least I am here to share what I have learned and what I will keep on learning along the way. To help others, like me, to find themselves. To find their language and voice. To see the gifts that they have brought into this life, to overcome their depressions and find their way of being.

So this page is for that, to share and to inspire. Feel free to leave a comment, and tell me about you.

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PPS: yes, you might find some typos and when you listen to me, you might find me struggeling with some words in english. That is because english is not my first language. I speak it as if it was, but as a fact, it is not. So I hope you can forgive me for that. I want to be as authentic as possible, and those typos just belong to me like my tattoos. 

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